Stylizing Lettering in Photoshop
Learn a variety of techniques to add stylistic effects to lettering in Photoshop.
Hand Lettering: A Freelance Artist's Guide
Make a professional-looking hand-lettered design in this intermediate course.
Modern Calligraphy with Lauren Essl Bundle
Save 20% on two of our bestselling calligraphy classes!
$58 $46
Lettering Layouts: Creating Beautiful Designs
Learn how to create a word collage in various lettering styles.
Creative Calligraphy Challenge
Challenge yourself to nine new calligraphy projects with Lauren Essl.
Watercolor Lettering and Illustration
Learn how to use florals to embellish watercolor illustrations with artist Valerie McKeehan.
Lettering With Brush Pens Bundle
Save 30% on three of our best-selling brush pen lettering classes!
$97 $67
Embellishing Techniques with Brush Pens
Learn ten easy embellishing techniques with brush pens today!
Lettering For Lefties
The smudging stops here! Lefties can have flawless hand-lettering, too!
Craft Your Own Lettering Style
Learn how to tweak standard lettering styles to make it your own!
Intro To iPad Lettering
In search of a beginner iPad lettering class? You'll learn lettering techniques in the Procreate app from Molly Jacques in this course!
Vintage Sign Lettering
Learn how to create a design that has a vintage sign vibe!
Lettering Lover Bundle
Save 30% on three of our most popular lettering classes!
$87 $61
Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop
Join other beginners as you learn fun lettering techniques in our brush pen calligraphy class.
Bounce Lettering Basics Online Class
Take your lettering up a notch with this fun, quirky lettering style!
Water Brush Lettering Online Class
Finally learn how to create pretty lettering like you’ve seen on Instagram!
Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy Online Class
Learn fauxligraphy to get that elegant calligraphy look with just a Sharpie. No ink + nibs needed!
Watercolor Calligraphy Online Class
Learn how to use calligraphy and painting techniques to take all of your creative projects up a notch!
Intro To Chalk Lettering Online Class
In search of a chalk lettering class for beginners? You'll learn how to draw words, phrases, and illustrations with chalkboard artist Valerie McKeehan in this course!
Brush Calligraphy Online Class
Learn how to use watercolor and brush strokes to letter the full alphabet and numbers.
Calligraphy 201 Online Class
Learn advanced calligraphy techniques. You’ll transform your handwritten artwork into digital files.
Hand Lettering Online Class
Learn how to create your own unique hand lettering style. Your final project will be creating a collection of greeting cards and wall art.
Calligraphy 101 Online Class
In search of calligraphy classes for beginners? You've come to the right place! In this intro course, you'll learn fundamental techniques and tips from calligraphy pro Lauren Essl.
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